Instant Bonds
“Instant Bonds” are an SCC exclusively developed mechanism that enables discounted purchases of SCC with 100% of the purchase going to the treasury. Instant Bonds are strategically made available to the community for limited period of times to incentivize purchases and give large injections into the treasury to keep as low a treasury/market cap ratio as possible. A large treasury as close to size in market cap as possible is key to sustained dividends and longevity in any FaaS project. Instant Bond is also being made available as a service to other projects looking to get quicker and larger injections into a treasury. This provides a benefit for them and an additional revenue stream to SCC and its holders.
Here is an overview of the process and overall strategy for the project:
-Instant Bonding is not a traditional market buy through a Decentralized Exchange (DEX), therefore the purchase has no price impact.
-SCC treasury gains the bonded asset, for example FTM, in exchange for treasury-owned SCC tokens
-Investor saves 10% buy tax and the treasury grows faster
-Ultimately our treasury value approaches the market cap value
- Once the treasury growth goal is reached, the bonding mechanism is turned off and all purchases must then go back through DEX’s with applicable taxes.
- Once bonding is turned off, open market purchases of tokens is made to replenish bonding mechanism supply and kick starting activity on DEX’s again.
- Buybacks will enable us to have enough SCC for future instant bond phases and the dividend distribution shows our investors the value of holding SCC.
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