Risk and Security
While we contend that participation in SCC tremendously lowers the risk for holders, this space is never without risk and constant threats. Rug-pulls, pump and dumps, smart contract risks and exploits are just the tip of the iceberg for threats in this space.
Scary Chain Capital is committed to the safety and security of our holders and we have taken the additional steps to ensure the strongest smart contract possible by having audits performed. These audits are 3rd party groups who specialize in finding bugs, exploits or potential risk in a project’s smart contracts. Below are the notices and results of these audits to give you confidence that your investments are safe with us.
Additionally, the team behind SCC is fully KYC’d with AssureDefi.
View our compliance NFT here:
Scary Chain Capital - Assure DeFi
Assure DeFi
SCC is audited!
Scary Chain Capital V2 has successfully been audited by a 3rd party Smart Contract Auditing company: Solidity Finance.
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