SCC is an ERC-20 token with a maximum supply of or two trillion.
This makes SCC non-inflationary, meaning there will never be more than 2 trillion tokens in circulation. There is an additional supply of 2 trillion tokens that is locked within the bridge between ETH and FTM which solely supports transfer of tokens between chains. These tokens would never be moved or made available for purchase or sell unless voted on by the community for a project benefitting reason (i.e. additional chain liquidity, etc.)
On every buy or sell there is a 10% applied tax, which will be distributed to SCC holders and the protocol's treasury. The 10% tax is set in stone, but is further split between holders and treasury with an adjustable tax system. This gives us the opportunity to react to market conditions with our protocol’s best interest in mind.
Therefore, SCC holders and the SCC treasury benefit with every sell and every buy happening!
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