The most important factor to any FaaS project is the size and performance of the treasury. FaaS projects are so attractive to holders because it offers the real opportunity of continued wealth growth, and eventually, true passive income.
The treasury is fed through the tokenomic tax syste, Instant Bonding, and fees earned from outsourcing solutions we offer, or from other projects we invest in.
However, the treasury can’t grow itself, it must be strategically deployed, monitored and harvested at key points in time. Furthermore, it needs to be protected and preserved during downtrends in the market. This makes the financial talent on the team critical to it’s overall health and performance.
SCC has the strongest team of professional traders, researchers and investors available. Every investment is rigorously scrutinized, optimally weighed and chosen to ensure a strong investment play every time. With an overall conservative approach to growing the treasury with never less than 40% in stable coins earning yield, SCC’s treasury performance remains the best in the market.
Furthermore, regular updates regarding strategies and market perceptions is provided to the community. All investments can be seen on-chain and from SCC’s incredible holder dashboard. These elements combined gives holders and investors of all types the confidence and performance they would seek from any investment fund.
The full treasury value can be seen here:
Here is where you can find more about each of our treasury managers.
Lastly, all our team are fully doxed and provide educational content through their socials.
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